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Caroline's Toadstool Pouf

Click for pattern

My husband and I bought our home and moved into it when I was about 8 months pregnant with my daughter, Caroline. To say I didn’t have the energy to decorate a nursery is an understatement. On top of being pregnant during the move we were also lucky enough to be in Georgia in the middle of summer. When we were finished moving everything in I pretty much sat in front of the tv watching Supernatural with the AC set to about 68 while knitting tiny newborn hats. For my August baby. They didn’t get much use.

Fast forward 13 months and my daughter’s room is still a work in progress. We’ve managed to paint and organize a little but that’s about it. I should ‘fess up and admit that Caroline’s crib is still planted firmly in our bedroom right in front of our closet, making it pretty difficult to put clothes away or get them out. My husband rattles hangers around and mutters about it occasionally just to let me know he is displeased with the situation. I do fully intend on moving her into her own room soon. As soon as I’m finished decorating it anyway. I can admit I’m okay with taking my time finishing up. 🙂

I had the idea a few months ago that I would try to make as many things for her room as I could myself. My plan is a kind of Enchanted Forest theme and I have A LOT of DIY ideas for it. But time is my enemy so I’ve really only managed to cross off one project on my list so far. A toadstool inspired pouf for Caroline to sit on. I saw a picture of something similar and decided to try crocheting one myself with a few changes.

Toadstool Pouf

Click for pattern

I’m still pretty new to crochet so possibly the way I made this doesn’t make sense but I’ve written out the pattern for anyone who wants to give it a shot!